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Friday, January 13, 2012

New Dies! YAHOOOO!

Loving these new dies from Tim Holtz and Sizzix!  Man this is exciting!  I understand that they may ship around March.  So cool!

Have a most excellent weekend!!


The Gentleman Crafter


  1. OK, so here is my question, I have thought about buying the #8 tag die, but when I look at how many tags I can buy (in bulk) in comparison to how much the die costs it doesn't seem very practical to cut my own. Especially by the time you factor in buying the heavy weight card stock paper. The only compelling reason I see to buying the die is so that I could cut custom colors. Is there some great use I am missing?

  2. As you know, there is this awesome feeling when you make something yourself. Having the die really opens up new windows. By this I mean if you are working on a project that is for example steampunk and using dark steampunk gears and such, I can pull out the die and make the tags out of the same paper. Yes, I can cover the "bulk paper tags" with the same paper and cut it to fit, etc. But with the die I can run it through in a seconds and seems to me to be much faster.

    There have been times (Tim's 12 Tags of Christmas) I needed to cut the die so that I could use the glossy paper for alcohol ink fun. Then I adhered the paper to a tag. Same for the sticky backed canvas. So easy to run it through the Big Shot Pro with the die and then run a cardstock backing through and it all matches.

    Not to mention being able to cut the die with fun foam, chip, grungepaper, grungeboard....ahhh!