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Monday, January 2, 2012

I just finished my first project of 2012!

You can read about the project on my blog. My father is an expert woodworker and I kick myself every day that for the 18 plus years I was living at home I really only learned how to use a belt sander. I had this terrible fear of cutting off something so was terrified to use all the saws and implements of cutting and destruction. Now, 47 years later I am finally slowly learning how to use all the tools I grew up with. I am so excited to be able to go down in the basement and make the thing in my head (or at least and approximation of what was in my head). I am not ready to tackle a cabinet or even a table, but something like this stamp carousel to hold my blending tools is doable.



  1. Cool "interim" solution. like it very much. Wish I had the tools to make something like this in wood. Great project and great result. Happy distressing!!

  2. How funny! Same here! My Dad was a woodworker and rock hound. When Dad passed I inherited his baby...a ShopSmith. The Shopsmith is an amazing machine that does a million different things and with adjustments becomes a circular saw, band saw, lathe, etc. It sadly sits out in the barn. I so wished that I had paid more attention to what he was doing so that I could use it. I did try to do a cross cut on a 1x12 piece of pine one day and I guess I had the blade on backwards...It ripped it right from my hands and it flew across the room. I've never used it since. Oh well..I did buy a manual for it a couple of years ago and now after seeing and being inspired by your stamp carousel...maybe!
    LOL! Tony AWESOME job man! You did your Dad proud! He does incredible work too!

  3. Copycats! I beat them to the punch with my blog post. I didn't know you could stack the Ranger stamp carousels. I was just thinking at lunch that I was going to have to find another piece of wood to make my second tier.