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Saturday, May 4, 2013

#3UP, #PATWITS challenge by PaperArtsy


Shortly after meeting up with the PaperArtsy team In Paris at the beginning of April I started to follow them on Twitter. Not long after that Leandra had as all going with two secret hash-tags, which we added to our Tweets with out Knowing why!

The secret ended up being a mystery parcel of 3 items being sent to #PATWITS with the challenge to make something from those 3 items, but keep it secret, from everyone. Well hard as I could, for once I kept my mouth shut. Yes for over two weeks.......... amazing I know, but now #3up #Patwits is no longer a secret, my challenge went up on the PaperArtsy blog this evening along with three others!

First Challenge

I’m new to this and this is my first challenge, so when I opened my parcel I went , 
“uh huh, ehhh ok! Why, oh why did I say yes?” ..........this lasted for about three days before the inspiration came.... a slow to get started crafter, me I am!
My #3UP ingredients were:
  1. 10 x 10cm Artemio frame
  2. metal numerals 6(9) & 4
  3. and a Tando chipboard key.
I tried to find a connection between the key and the numbers and settled on the idea that there was a lock somewhere that involved the number 64 and therefore needed a lock.
My project
All the “added” pieces are die cut from Grungeboard.I started with the lock. I cut a mini label and a keyhole. I cut the keyhole plate down from an ornate shape to a circle. I stuck some pink newspaper to the label and washed it in Irish Cream and Mocha Mousse Fresco Paints and stamped it with sepia Archival using Mini 75 stamp.

I brushed on Grunge Paste to the keyhole plate and painted it with Mocha Mousse, rubbed on some Copper and Emerald Treasure Gold to get a metal/verdigris look and attached it to the label with brads. I dabbed Blood Orange around the edges of the label

The scrolls were smeared with Grundge paste and buffed with the same colours of Treasure Gold to give a plasterwork effect.
Keyhole plate and scrolls
The numerals were done in exactly the same way as the keyhole adding some Hyde Park
I painted the key with Chocolate Pudding and then used Copper, Emerald and Ruby Treasure Gold.

The frame, and a 5 x 5cm piece of Grundgeboard were sponge painted in Nougat, Stone, Irish Cream and Mocha Mousse with Snowflake used through  Mini Bingo (for my 64) & Mini Brocade stencils and a final wash with Hey pesto (love that colour...and the way Leandra pronounces it!). Again I used the same stamp and Archival ink to stamp all around the frame and on the centre card
Bingo stencil and Mini 75 stamping with Sepia Archival

Final Ispiration

When it was assembled I decided there was something missing so I added keyholes on all the surfaces. These are die cut from the same die as the keyhole plate, covered in Treasure Gold Emerald and stamped with the same stamp but using Black Archival this time.
Keyholes added

Everything was given a “dusting” with Ruby and Renaissance Treasure Gold.
Boy did I have fun getting my fingers dirty...
Thanks PaperArtsy!!!
And a big "congratulations" to all the other #PATWITS, lovely work folks!
The finished project


  1. This was such a fabulous use of your mystery items!! I struggled to fit my numerals in too, and just love how you've done yours! The keyholes really make it!!

  2. haha found you - thanks for your comments on my blog. I saw your PATWIT post and never found your blog. love this, great combo of paints and stamping!