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Sunday, January 8, 2012


The other day on Jim's The Gentleman Crafter blog, he was talking about storage and specifically the great wooden boxes that Ikea used to have. Jim just posted some pictures on here of the incredibly decorated box he made and I commented that mine were pretty plane in comparison. They may not look as nice as Jim's, but they are functional. Here a few of the storage options I use.

This is a similar Ikea box to the one Jim decorated. Mine came with different sized drawers though.
The cool thing about these drawer units was that you could turn the drawers around and add your own hardware/pulls. These pulls were also sold at Ikea.

These are another style of drawers that I got at Ikea. They hold my tapes, ribbons, beads and markers. Like the unit above I painted, distressed and waxed, and added Ikea pulls.
I have had this antique box since college. My dad is an antique dealer and fixed this up for me. It still holds my art supplies from school. I dig through it every once and awhile looking for some remembered tool.

This is probably my favorite storage unit. It is amazing how much an old dresser can hold. This is a piece my father painted. I think he said he found it setting out by the curb for big trash pickup day. The top drawer holds a lot of my odds and ends stamping supplies, like Gladware containers of embossing powders and glitters, my ATG gun, embossing gun, and other large items. The second drawer has a wide variety of items semi-neatly organized in plastic desk drawer dividers. The third drawer is an odd bag, stuff I really don't use, but hate to throw away. The bottom drawer is my finish drawer and stores cans and spray cans of wood finish and sealers.

My basket weaving supplies are stored on shelves (that my father custom built) in clear plastic bins, so I can see what is inside. They are sorted by sizes. My stamps are stored on a low shelf in chipboard boxes from Ikea. My basket molds are stored on old wooden shelves. If the rest of my room wasn't still a complete wreck from Christmas I would show you those. You can see some pictures of my room, sans my newish 5'x6' work table that fills the middle of the room, on my website.



  1. Si interesting. Just spent the day at a Cartonnage class and we were talking and thinking storage boxes....getting some inspiration here!!

  2. AWESOME MAN! I need to run to IKEA! I'll be right back! :)

  3. Jim, I don't think they sell any of those wooden drawer units anymore. I am bummed. I would have bought some extras to have on hand. I am not sure if they even sell some of the chipboard boxes that I have. Ikea's website is sometimes a bit lacking. They are definitely set up as a brick and mortar store, not an online retailer.